Morocco Volunteer Fire Department
Smoke Detectors Save Lives!!!!

Print the application here....


Complete membership application and submit to an active fire fighter.


Be present at a business meeting (First Tuesday of Every Month at 7 p.m. at fire station).


Application will be read at meeting and active members may question the applicant, before taking the application to vote.


Applicant Must Be Present at a Meeting to be Voted On.


Applicant Must Live or Work in the Current Fire Protection Coverage Area.


Applicant Must Be 18 years of Age or Older with High School Diploma or Equivalent. 


Once membership is voted on, the new member must receive certifcation as Indiana Mandatory Level Fire Fighter with advancement to Fire Fighter I/II and other certifications (HAZ-MAT, Technical Rescue Awareness, Etc.) preferred.  Once the new member has his/her mandatory certification they will be allowed to respond to emergency calls and are placed on a six month probationary period.  At the end of the six month probationary period, the membership is reviewed and the members will vote on full-time active membership.  


CPR/AED Training is Provided to All Fire Fighters.




The Morocco Volunteer Fire Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate it's applicants or members based on age, sex, race, religion, or any other factor(s). 



How to Join the Morocco Fire Department